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January 17, 2016

When a new born father I would be

Strange times these have been , on 18th Dec 2014, Sakshi observed her 11th birthday. And while going through my old diaries I found a poem I had written more than 20 years ago. I told Sakshi that this birthday since we are not celebrating, I am going to present her a poem I wrote for her, many years before she was born. The poem is titled " When a new born Father I would be" . 

And while being touched by the poem ,Sakshi's first question was " Dad , how did you knew I am going to come". And I told her,, I knew you would come, as you can see from the poem I have been waiting for you my child for a long time. Strange times these past few weeks have been.

I watched with Childish fascination
A father playing with his infant child
He so strong and big and stout
The child so delicate and fragile
They laughed, danced and sang
on the grass all lush green
The child ran across the lawn
It wanted to climb up a tree
The father took his young charge
To the temple near by
The Child wanted to ring the bell
But the bell was hung so high
Watching their love and devotion
And their laughing melody
I couldn't help but dreaming
When a new born father I would be
( it might be difficult to read the poem from the original diary , so I have reproduced the poem in comment)

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