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January 17, 2016

Banter from the past ( July to December 2015)

Keep Walking .... and you can be certain that some day you will pass by some fascinating places, meet some amazing people and live with some unforgettable memories .. but for that ' keep walking' is a must !

Rising tides lift all boats, but why did the quote did not say, falling tide , drops all boats. Because when you apply this quote to humans -- rising prosperity will generally improve life for everyone, but when the economy declines, not everyone will suffer equally. So while rising tides lift all boats, a falling tide does not drop all of them !! -- Think

One of those precious moments,, when you are at bliss with yourself !!

Public announcement on an already late running train ,waiting for a change of driver at a station "Sorry for further delay the driver was not informed the train was arriving and he is on his way now" hahaha i am not making this up

On the whole debate on reservation raging in India, logically speaking this is my 2 cents view. Reservation , in moral terms is justified because of wide disparity that existed in the society at the time of independence. Our founding fathers though would have never imagined that such a proud people would one day agitate and find pride in claiming themselves inferior or backward. So they thought (rightly so) that the system of reservation will die its own death as once people got access to education and opportunity, they would want to be considered equal to others, this system of reservation in perpetuity would have made them so uncomfortable. So I suggest to make reservation more balanced and fair, those citizens who have already benefited from reservation once, should be automatically disqualified from claiming that benefit again. For instance if a father got admission in an university basis reservation, his children should not be entitled for reservation , as that family got an opportunity for upward mobility already and now should compete with everyone else. This would ensure that people who are even further down the ladder now get a chance for upward mobility as the pool of people entitled for reservation is reduced. Another option for each individual entitled to reservation gets to use the reservation card once in their life time either for education or government job or social housing etc. that would make it fair as otherwise the same reservation group/ individual grabs all the benefits , while the group/ individual still lower in the pecking order remain marginalized forever. And thirdly reservation should be directly linked to economic status, it is a no-brainer, once a family crosses a certain economic threshold, they should automatically be taken off the reservation. (similar to wealthy families giving up gas subsidy) Reservation was never meant to be an constitutional right in perpetuity especially when it begins to infringe upon someone's else right. And another no brainer is that Supreme court of India should be the final authority on the matter of reservation and not the legislative. Since reservation needs to a scientific argument and not an emotional political one.

By chance stumbled upon this dialogue from the movie' Yadein' . It touched me deeply as it resonates with my own philosophy that purpose of life is to create unforgettable memories.

दुनिया में यु आना, दुनिया से यु जाना 
आओ तो ले आना, जाओ तो दे जाना 
यादे , यादे, यादे

Whether you are arriving or leaving this world
If coming then bring along,
If going then leave behind,
Memories, Memories, Memories

So many love songs, yet so little love
So much religion, yet so little righteousness
So many charitable quotes, yet so little charity
So many wise posts, yet so little wisdom !!
So many humans, yet so little humanity

So much more of everything, yet so little of what truly matters !

Below quote written by Sakshi. At her age I was only copying quotes from a book, so quite delighted that Sakshi is able to create quotes of her own already.
Everyone has an identity but only some have the wisdom to let their identity flow. It gives them the chance to explore who they really are and helps them discover traits that they didn't realize were in them ( like my talent for writing). Most people, however just accept who they are at the time and never figure out what was left for them to accomplish.

Long long time ago ,when most parents could not afford to buy cycles for their young children to learn cycling. It was this very store in Dandia bazzar that enabled all the children in this part of Baroda to learn cycling by renting cycles of all sizes by the hour. Think something like 1Rs. per hour. I still vividly recollect rushing to the shop in the morning to ensure I could rent the best of the kids cycle in their stock. And it was largely Tai and Santosh who taught me to cycle in our backstreet while they rented bigger bikes for themselves

It was in Sep 2011, Sakshi started a new life in a new country, in a new school . She faced numerous hardships around being bulled and mistreated. First year was especially painful , but gradually she learned to deal with it, though even till last month, occasionally she would just burst into tears as the situation became way too much for her to handle emotionally. Today after 4 years Sakshi finished her primary school and will now start the high school (7th grade). However the irony was that even after receiving such difficult reception in the school, she felt very saddened to leave the school behind. Such is life, we get used to circumstances and somehow unknowingly get emotionally attached !! -- Circle of Life continues

There are too many people creating hate, what the world needs is more people creating humor !!

Profound toilet humor # 
All this while we have been making one scientificl mistake when we say "I am going to shit " .. because in reality shit is already made during the process of digestion in the large intestine and feces or shit or stool , which is the final left over from the process is stored in the rectum. So the correct thing to say is
" I am going to TAKE THE SHIT OUT " hahahahahahahah

It comes out even better in Marathi , where for a milenia we have been saying मी शी करायला जातोय but we should be saying मी शी काढायला जातोये instead hahahahhahahahhahha

Indians news channels would be classified under 'Entertainment' category section from 8th December, as per the ruling of the Honorable Supreme Court of India. Passing the judgment , after a 6 month trial on a public interest litigation, the court states that purpose of news channel is to inform, educate and make aware of the current affairs of the world that the news viewer inhabits. However the court has noted that Indian news channel , some of them in particular, have failed miserably in this endeavor and continue to instead act as instigators, Judgement claims that India has the largest number of news channel in the world but the lowest content of actual news. And from 8th December, all news channel reporting on any matter than pure factual, will be obliged to show a disclaimer on the screen that the content being shown is not fact based but opinion piece or work of fiction. Also effective 8th Dec, no news channel will mention religion, ethnicity or caste in any of its reporting and will just identify any individual as an Indian

The punch line of a new drink being launched to relieve constipation 

" होठो से लगाई तो , हंगामा हो गया , हुगाम्मा 

हंगामा हो गया " hahahahahahaha

In recent months I have had an moment of realization , have now fully comprehended why so many countries regulate the news media - Taiwan, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Turkey, Russia ,UAE, Israel to name just a a few. Each of these countries have ethnic, sectarian challenges, and unregulated media could play havoc with the cohesion of the society. They could amplify minor issues / differences into major catastrophe and completely ignore the positive elements of the society, thus controlling the narrative of the entire nation, They push the country into a vicious cycle - where one act of hooliganism by one ethnic group is projected and broadcast with the sole purpose of enticing retaliation from the opposite group and not generating reconciliation. Media has no moral compass, but their TRP's and balance sheet, they do not own their allegiance to the people of the country but to the shareholders who own their company. And an unregulated media is not encumbered with facts, they are happy to report someone's opinion as a fact, without having the need to back it up with data.And the countries who fall prey to this media inflamed hatred , do so at their own peril

Associated Press has reported that what hitherto had been a 'taboo' subject and therefore not included in any debate on climate change , will now be tabled for discussion during the conference on climate change scheduled later this month in Paris. AP in its report has further claimed that for some time now,the scientific community had been acutely aware that this was a major cause of global warming, yet because of inhibition have not tackled this taboo subject. According to 'yet to be published' scientific paper , human fart is the largest contributor to the depletion of the ozone layer, and because of our lifestyle changes and population growth, there has been an unprecedented increase in # of farts generated each year, paper has provided some further data - 1,631,273 (1.6 million) to be precise is the number of farts that humanity produces every second. Annually that amounts to 51,443,825,328,000 farts. (51 trillion) enough gas to launch 100 rockets in space. Some regions clearly fart more than others, but even here scientist have discovered some remarkable similarity in all human beings across the planet .. the proportion of various gases released in a fart, remains the same across the world. When it comes to fart ,, entire humanity is alike, another proof the scientist claim that inside all of us runs the same engine , creating the same kind of exhaust gases, irrespective of our make. hahahahahhahahahahahah
Part 2 - In a radical new proposal being tabled at the Paris climate conference next week, NASA has been roped in to monitoring the fart levels of each country and just like rest of the carbon emission standards, each country will be asked to sign up to the tready contain the fart levels by 2020 It is understood that NASA has already developed and deployed a monitoring software in their advanced satellite system that was launched last year, the system called FDMMS- (Fart detection and multi-modal monitoring system). Basis certain baseline parameters being agreed next week, each country will be asked to reduce their fart emissions by 2020 by 20%. Country would be able to buy fart credits from other countries similar to carbon credits.

Sometimes the waters are calm but the boat is in turmoil --------- meaning sometimes there is nothing ostensibly wrong with our lives but our heart still feels bad.

Human - Queues to buy the latest version of iphone and then follows thousands of years old religions.
Once a good man dies of old age and goes to heaven, he is welcome at the Pearly gate by an Angel and escorted to his spartan but comfortable quarters. Just as he is settling down, a large bell hanging in the courtyard rings, he asks the Angel the reason for that bell to ring, Angel with a gesture asks him to ignore it and explains that everytime someone on earth tries to spread venom, instigate disharmony, tries to further differences among communities ,the bell rings. Every now and then the bell would ring, but reassured the old man went about his business. Then suddenly late in the evening, the bell began ringing vociferously without stopping, now puzzled the old man rushes to the angel inquiring the cause of this non-stop ringing, Angel tells the old man, " Dont worry, it is prime time on Indian news channels "

Breaking News -- Over the last 24 hours, Hubble telescope has picked up a strange variation in the Earth's rotation. NASA is monitoring the situation very closely and their initial analysis indicate that the cause of this variation seems to be the sudden surge of weight in one particular region of the World, which has momentarily slowed the speed of Earth's rotation.People on the Indian sub-continent have collectively gained a staggering 3 billion kg in the past 24 hours ..Happy Diwali everyone... keep those karanjis, anarsas, chakli, fafda, cholafali,, chivda, ladoos, shankarparas, mathiya , bundi ladoo coming ..  smile emoticon
Lets target 10 billion kgs by the weekend , so the Earth's rotation would become sufficiently slow so we will get an extended weekend 

The most enduring legacy you can leave is the legacy of great relationships !

Indian PM at a mass rally " aap sab ko Vikas chahiye " ?
Public " Haan haan chahiye "
Indian PM " aap sab ko Vikas Chahiye ? "
Public now in a frenzy " haan haan chahiye"
Indian PM " Paka aap sab ko Vikas chahiye ? "
Public now reaching an hysteria " Paka hume Vikas Chahiye "
Indian PM " to phir ye lo Vikas "
Sources have revealed that the British Government has made a presentation to the the Department of School Education , Ministry of Human Resources of India to remove all inferences to ' Divide & Rule' phrase related to the British Colonial rule from the school history books. Their submission states that events have shown that it takes very little to divide Indians on the basis of caste, religion, language, color, ethnicity, creed, food habits, et el. and so the Colonial power was being unfairly blamed for divide and rule, since Indians have sufficiently proved after independence, that it does not take a colonial power to divide them, just a news items would do

What our country desperately needs is " The Daily Show"

(a)political satire alert --
Ebay has announced roll out of a new micro auction site in India called Awardwapasi bazzar ( Returned awards market) . Addressing the reporters , its Senior VP claimed they are already seeing brisk bidding for over 30 + national awards returned across the field literature, science and arts. He added that the money raised by the auction site will be used to provide security to anyone eating beef in India. One of the reporters confronted him that in a country where 500 million people live in abject poverty , do not get two square meals , sleep on empty stomach, over 10 million children suffer malnutrition, are you not insulting them by putting this excessive focus on beef instead of campaigning for their cause , trying to improve their plight. Annoyed the Senior VP retorted " When was the last time you organized a debate on poverty or questioned the government on what they are doing about it ?" He further added " Anyway the awards were not returned against the Government inaction to eradicate poverty".

(apolitical) Satire alert :
Alstom Hydro , one of the leading tidal energy companies in the world has dispatched their top 'Tidal power' scientific team to India to check for an new tidal energy source that has been widely reported in the Indian media- the rising tide of intolerance. A press note released by the company reads, that while they do not understand the exact nature of this tide and that there has been no comparative data available year on year to even validate whether the tide was rising or not, also no scientific unbiased assessment of this tide has been done but their algorithm has revealed that the word 'rising tide' has been used across the Indian media 1.3 trillion times in the last 4 weeks, and as a tidal energy company , they cannot ignore this ' rising tide' and are excited at the prospect of harnessing this tidal energy as a renewable energy source.

It feels like the ultimate stage of human evolution will be self destruction !

Our cricketing legends have incredible statistics better than most cricketers , yet our country's win percentage is lower than most regular cricketing nations ! Think

I mis those days gone by, the days of scams and corruption scandals, when news channels had their pound of flesh and plenty of fodder to create breaking news and we were all united against the common enemy -corruption. And therefore I feel what our country needs now is another scam
When you have a billion + people, you are likely to find a million nutters in them. All religions, castes, creed and countries ,suffer their fair share of such nutters. But if the entire discourse is focused on what these nutters are up to, if our narrative only covers actions of these nutters , eventually we will end up making nutters of the other 999 million people.

Navaratri Half Marathon (yes you heard it right)-- This year, United way Garba organizers are sending a wristband containing a timing chip along with the entry pass to garba grounds. Sensors will be located at various points around the circumference of the garba ground, and everytime the Garbarunner ( Garba + runner) passes that sensor wearing that wristband , it will make a record. With the average circumference being between 300 to 350 meters, every 3 rounds, a Garba-er would be completing 1 km , and at roughly 12-15 rounds an hour, cover a distance of 4- 4.5 kms each hour . So any Garbarunner , doing Garba for little over 5 hours , would have covered a half marathon distance (21.1 kms) and large digital screens located on the garba ground will showcase the names , who cover that distance. And Atul Purohit will announce those names in between singing the garba . smile emoticon And at the at the end of the session , basis the timing chip record, those who cover that distance (21.1 kms) in shortest time will get to participate in the maha-Aarti and all participants who completed 21.1 kms distance will receive a Navaratri Half Marathon medal from United Way .. hahhahahaha What an idea Sirji !!


Nostalgic morning -- stumbled upon this email I had written 6 year ago before I returned from Mexico . While reading this email felt both joy & sorrow at once , and certainly my concluding sentence of coming with a better report card in the future made me smile !
From: Konnur, Samir
Sent: Wednesday, September 09, 2009 5:46 PM
To: Konnur, Samir ; P Y, Salil
Cc: Chegudi, Sudha; 'Robbins, Mark (Penske)'; 'Greg, Tom (Penske)'; 'Reid, Marshall (Penske)'; 'Flury, David (Penske)'; 'Brooks, Martin (Penske)'; 'Williams, Becky (Penske)'; 'Joseph, Victor (Penske)'; 'Samson, Paul (Penske)'; 'Foster, Renee (Penske)'; 'Arthur, Peter (Penske)'; 'Tanner, Andrew (Penske)'; 'Margaret, Sheena (Penske)'; 'Isaac Ariel (Penske)'; 'Bankert, Marcia (Penske)'; Basu, Abhijit (GE Infra, Energy, Non-GE); Basumallik, Madhuwanti; Peter, A.J.Ranjit; ''
Subject: RE: Thank you Samir
Hi Salil,
We exchanged an email exactly a year ago. So it was time to subject my progress card to scrutiny.
On 24th Aug last year when I arrived in Mexico , I felt quite similar to the protagonist of a thriller book * ‘The Tightrope Men’ written by Desmond Bagley.
(* Set during the height of the cold war, Giles Denison's life is turned upside down when he awakes to find himself in a luxurious hotel in Oslo and, peering into the bathroom mirror, discovers the face of another man! He has been kidnapped from his flat in London and transformed into a famous Finnish scientist by surgery. Compelled to adjust to his new persona and to play out the role assigned to him by his captors, he embarks on a dangerous escapade from Norway , Finland and across the border into Soviet Russia. * Wikipedia)
Waking up in Mexico was a similar experience– (with the same face though smile emoticon hahahaha) there was not a single strand of continuity… from when I traveled from India . It was akin to starting a new life.
Over the year I traveled extensively, made lots of friends, won the respect, affection and admiration of my team in Mexico, managed the Mexico engagement with 8 Global F&A businesses so had an opportunity to work with leadership across a wide spectrum of businesses. I have attached one email as evidence of the change I could bring to our processes in Mexico from a senior stakeholder. (In case you thought I was making things up)
Participated in 4 half marathons ( Rio Grande half marathon at Las Cruces , Atlanta half Marathon, Whiskey Row 10 K at Prescott and Running with the Devil half marathon at Boulder City ). Worked on several other areas of interest and improved the quality of my reading.
As I reflect back on the year, feel mixed emotions. Should have accomplished so much more but could have easily lost my momentum in life too. So to answer
Whether he rises from the ashes, does all (of you) proud;
or it is a ' coup de grace':
Only time will tell, alone time can tell !
Jury is still out……time is yet to tell!!

Sharing some of my learning’s –
When I was being introduced to Penske team in Jan 2003, some associate inquired the reason why I left Compudyne (my previous employer). I narrated how a quote from the story about Ramanujan came to influence my decision. It read “Success is a combination of ability and opportunity” and it resonates with me even now. Because if I can give myself credit for something, than it would be tirelessly working on my abilities. After all opportunities are not in our control anyway. Most of us are not invested enough in our abilities and therefore even when opportunity comes knocking we are unable to exploit it.
I signed up for CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) program earlier this year but somewhere I could not connect my acquiring that ability to a possible opportunity and gave up, it was my biggest disappointment during the year. So the attitude of ‘working on abilities’ is WIP for me too.
There were months when I was living like a zombie. Day in – day out, sometimes circumstances demand that. As my finance professor used to say “No strategy can be a strategy too”. Sometimes standing still against the tide is moving forward.
For the most part of the year isolation and loneliness was soul wrenching. But diversified my interest in so many areas that I could keep melancholy at bay. I have attached a slide aptly titled ‘ammunition’ which lists all the different areas I researched into. Diversify your interest to offset a set back in particular field, it is easier to deal with professional upheaval if you have other areas to invest your mind in.
Confidence / Resilience – During several months because of either injury or sinus I could not run, but I always had the confidence that I can get back on track once fit. Similarly inspite of several upsets during the year, I had the resilience to bounce back. Confidence – Resilience according to me are key ingredients for living thru tough times. Keep working on improving both.

All the best to everyone, would come with better results next time.

Banter from the past (Jan to June 2015)

Mankind does not deserve to be called Humans, we are only home sapiens . Probably only the Elephants deserve to be called human, they may not display the physical characteristics of a human body , but their behavior - empathy, emotional intelligence, social bonding is far more human-like than human's themselves !

Purpose of life is to create unforgettable memories !!

There is something only Indians have and use, no one else in the World have or use it ... World does not understand, why Indians still use it , and Indians don't understand why the World does not use it.
That thing is the word 'PRE-PONE' !!! 

God came in my dream and asked " Son, tell me what your dream job would be " I " Oh my Almighty God , I want a job that pays me a lot, without having to do any work, a job that gives me a lot of laughter, without having to crack any jokes, a job that makes me meet & greet well known people, without really being deserving of it "
God laughed and laughed and said, "why don't you just tell me, you want to be Navjot Singh Sidhu of the Comedy Nights with Kapil" ! Tathastu !! hahahahahhahahahahah

search & rescue of Kennedy's, which soon turned into search & recovery . While I was quite well aware of Kennedy curse and all that, and genuinely felt pain for the family but failed to understand this kind of wall to wall coverage . 6 months later another unfortunate event , half way across the world, on Christmas eve, Indian Airlines flight 814 was hijacked on route from Kathmandu to Nepal ,, now knowing that international news media outlets would have a far global reach compared to nascent Indian news media, I turned on to CNN ... I kept waiting to know what had happened to the 191 ordinary Indians now held at ransom on the Kandahar airport, for 7 agonizing days , those poor hapless people were held hostage, and the only coverage I saw on CNN was a passing reference in other international news. My heart was truly shattered but I understood that for CNN the coverage of 3 dead people was much profitable than the 191 ordinary Indians whose life hanged in the balance. It was a lesson I have never forgotten in life .. news business is like any other BUSINESS and we are being a sucker if you click through a sensational news headline on their website or watch debates on inconsequential topics, or petty things blown out of proportion. Because when the editor of any news media wakes up in the morning , does not think, what are the compelling issues of our time that I need to investigate, but rather what material I can produce that will get the maximum eyeballs, viewers ..a la suckers

God = Nature, Soul , Atom, Cosmos, Spirituality
Religion = Politics
God existed far before any religion came into being and will exist far beyond any religion will !

When I got up at 4 am GMT (in UK) today to watch the India Pakistan match, I was transferred back in time .. 30 years ago ,, before day & night matches became common .. it was Benson & Hedges World Cup in Australia , year 1985. since matches were played day time in Australia that meant early morning - 4:30 am India time. Like most Indians in the 80s, we lived in a small house , drawing room also worked as the family bedroom , and I vividly remember waking up to find Dad watching the match with his morning tea, on occasion even Ajooba used to stay overnight at our home to watch the match in the morning. It felt all very exiting , we had bought TV just the previous year and so watching it live for the first time at home, waking up to the commentary of the cricket match ... India went on to win the B&H World Cup, Ravi Shastri won the Man of the Series and an Audi.

While driving heard this jingle for a restaurant on a Hindi FM channel and burst into laughing " एक बार खाओगे ......... तो बार बार जाओगे " hahahahah

If there was really a God, would he have allowed so many people to commit so many atrocities in his name ?

In the throes of Winter, just when your mind has all but forgotten how summer felt like, Spring arrives.
In the joys of Summer, just when your mind has all but forgotten how miserable winter felt like, Autumn arrives.

Something utterly humorous in a toilet humor sense , while chatting with Sakshi about bank loans, that got us in fits of laughter
11 year old Bob goes to the bank to secure a loan , and walks up to the Manager
Bob “ Hello Manager, I want to take a loan from your bank”
Manager “ Very well Sir, we would be more than happy to offer you a loan, how much you need”
Bob “ May be about 1 lac rupees “
Manager “ Certainly , however we need something from you as security to give you that loan”
Bob” What kind of thing”
Manager “ Any personal thing”
Bob “ Ohh sure no problem, give me 2 mins”
Bob goes into the restroom and after a few minutes steps out with a plastic bag full of poop. Walks over to the Manager, hands him the plastic bag .
Bob “ Here you go,, let me know if you need any more security” hahahahahhahahahhahahahah

I write to express, not impress !
Neither carry any self-illusions; 
for vanity is not my forte !
Its all about self-discovery
'Keep-Walking', my only mantra !

This year World observes the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz . History we were taught at school had just scant reference to the concentration camps, it was only after watching a movie on Doordarshan that I realized the magnitude of this tragedy, the real horrors of the Holocaust . The movie 'Escape from Sobibor' , shown as 5 part series . broadcast at 10 pm . Dad would call me from my room to watch it since he knew of my interest in history. I think the world has not learned any lesson from the past, humans continue to kill each other in the name of religion , caste, race... just like Nazis did over 70 years ago.

Why does not Greece consider selling some of their family heirloom to pay off their debt and start afresh, just like any family in dire straits would do. A few islands in the Aegean , a few relics from their vast treasure of Greek antiquity is all it would take to pay off the debt ! No one can appreciate a work of art on empty stomach anyway !
What is the song that a person exerting a lot of pressure to empty his bowels sing
Let it go, let it go!
Can't hold it back any more.
Let it go, let it go!
Turn away and slam the door.
I don't care what they're going to say.
Let it go, let it go.
I am one with the wind and sky.
You'll never see me cry.
Here I'll stand, and here I'll try.
Let the storm rage on.
Let it go, let it go.

True character is revealed not in grief but in happiness !

Africans of varying nationalities used to be chained and crammed on boats , making perilous journeys over sea, to be traded as slaves by their colonial masters.
It breaks my heart no end that 150 years later, Africans are still having to make those perilous journeys over sea albeit of their own free will, ironically to the shores of those very colonial masters that had enslaved them.
This is history at its most unkind !!

Africa the richest continent on the planet with the poorest people

The most valuable inheritance you can give your children is the ability to Think !

FIFA reeling under the corruption scandals released a press statement yesterday confirming the appointment of a 'high level steering committee' to help it deal with corruption. The committee will recommend specific steps FIFA can take to prevent corruption from being caught or prosecuted. Committee will be jointly headed by Lalu Prasad Yadav and Jayalalitha , A Raja, will be its spokesperson and N Srinivasan , will be invited to provide his views on how to hide conflict of interest the press release said.

Superficiality will end 'human', in the humankind, long before global warming or nuclear armageddon does.

Some people fart so loud, that I wonder if it might get registered on the Richter scale at the local seismic recording station ! hahahahhahaha

When you cant change or influence people, wisest thing to do is to change your expectations from them ! 

Usually get such humour to laugh heartily before falling asleep -
Toilet humor # What song will a person suffering from constipation , finally getting a shit , sing .
कुछ तो हुआ हे ,कुछ हो रहा हे
दो चार दिन से ,लगता हे जैसे 
बदली बदली सी तेरी अदा हे
खुश हो गया हु जो भी मिला हे
कुछ तो हुआ हे ,कुछ हो रहा हे
No doubt the movie is titled " KAL HO NA HO " hahahahahha

Seeing a packet of cake on the dining table, I expressed my displeasure to Sakshi. I " Sakshi, ohh no, not cake again, while I struggle with weight" . Sakshi " I got them for myself". I " But they are so tempting , so I cannot resist , and will gain more weight" .. Sakshi replied tongue-in-cheek " in that case, just toughen up , Dad" 

Religion comes and goes, spirituality lasts forever. For me this is an eloquent image, we live in the scientific technologically advanced 21st century , yet power of blessings, positive energy and good vibes is as relevant today as it has ever been. And I feel this image portrays that beautifully.
( keeping my bib at my home temple to seek divine providence for an injury and accident free run)

Someone asked me exactly what kind of a person are you. I candidly replied "What you see is What you get ' type of a person "!!

Weird world this, people who just merely entertain us , whether by acting, singing or playing a sport become demi-Gods, but people who feed us (farmers), who build our houses (construction workers), who teach us , who safe guard us, have no value . Bizarre world this we inhabit.

Indian cricket's economic might -- 8 Australians slug it out in the super overs match between Delhi and emoticon
No one in India even noticed that English Premier League has very few English players, but after the super over, everyone complained of not seeing any Indian players in action in the IPL 
Out of the 6 cheerleaders none of them are Indian, is this an Indian Premier league or what)

Life is not fair.. get on with it !

We live in a WEIRD world, where people worship celebrities but pay little respect to senior citizens, teachers, social workers, scientists or soldiers.