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January 17, 2016

Tailwinds and Headwinds -- 2

( Nov, 2002- Conducting a session on IT & Business at HAL Management Institute, at Bangalore)

In the many avatars (professional roles) that I had to dawn on in my life time -- probably the most fascinating one was that of being a faculty . 27 years of age ,, with unlimited zeal to learn & share & teach, I found myself uniquely qualified in the frenzied world of early, way back in 2002. By that time I had worked for 5 years in old economy (Voltas, Philips) and 3 years in new economy (Pentasoft, Compudyne) and thus had a very broad perspective about the confluence of business & IT, and having inherited genes of a teacher from the maternal side ( my mother and all my aunts were teachers) was able to educate non-IT managers / management students about the exciting new world of internet & Initially what started as an interesting part-time pursuit , in the time of crises, unleashed by the after affect of 911 and burst , which hit the Indian IT sector hard, become my sole source of income and in the winter of 2002, even helped me put food on the table. And had it not been for this income from teaching / training , I would have had to probably pack my bags , leave Bangalore and go back home . Someday I do hope to get back to teaching , but not with an intention of earning money but empowering those , who cannot afford expensive management degrees, create a LAGGAN team in the field of management

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