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January 17, 2016

Banter from the past (Jan to June 2015)

Mankind does not deserve to be called Humans, we are only home sapiens . Probably only the Elephants deserve to be called human, they may not display the physical characteristics of a human body , but their behavior - empathy, emotional intelligence, social bonding is far more human-like than human's themselves !

Purpose of life is to create unforgettable memories !!

There is something only Indians have and use, no one else in the World have or use it ... World does not understand, why Indians still use it , and Indians don't understand why the World does not use it.
That thing is the word 'PRE-PONE' !!! 

God came in my dream and asked " Son, tell me what your dream job would be " I " Oh my Almighty God , I want a job that pays me a lot, without having to do any work, a job that gives me a lot of laughter, without having to crack any jokes, a job that makes me meet & greet well known people, without really being deserving of it "
God laughed and laughed and said, "why don't you just tell me, you want to be Navjot Singh Sidhu of the Comedy Nights with Kapil" ! Tathastu !! hahahahahhahahahahah

search & rescue of Kennedy's, which soon turned into search & recovery . While I was quite well aware of Kennedy curse and all that, and genuinely felt pain for the family but failed to understand this kind of wall to wall coverage . 6 months later another unfortunate event , half way across the world, on Christmas eve, Indian Airlines flight 814 was hijacked on route from Kathmandu to Nepal ,, now knowing that international news media outlets would have a far global reach compared to nascent Indian news media, I turned on to CNN ... I kept waiting to know what had happened to the 191 ordinary Indians now held at ransom on the Kandahar airport, for 7 agonizing days , those poor hapless people were held hostage, and the only coverage I saw on CNN was a passing reference in other international news. My heart was truly shattered but I understood that for CNN the coverage of 3 dead people was much profitable than the 191 ordinary Indians whose life hanged in the balance. It was a lesson I have never forgotten in life .. news business is like any other BUSINESS and we are being a sucker if you click through a sensational news headline on their website or watch debates on inconsequential topics, or petty things blown out of proportion. Because when the editor of any news media wakes up in the morning , does not think, what are the compelling issues of our time that I need to investigate, but rather what material I can produce that will get the maximum eyeballs, viewers ..a la suckers

God = Nature, Soul , Atom, Cosmos, Spirituality
Religion = Politics
God existed far before any religion came into being and will exist far beyond any religion will !

When I got up at 4 am GMT (in UK) today to watch the India Pakistan match, I was transferred back in time .. 30 years ago ,, before day & night matches became common .. it was Benson & Hedges World Cup in Australia , year 1985. since matches were played day time in Australia that meant early morning - 4:30 am India time. Like most Indians in the 80s, we lived in a small house , drawing room also worked as the family bedroom , and I vividly remember waking up to find Dad watching the match with his morning tea, on occasion even Ajooba used to stay overnight at our home to watch the match in the morning. It felt all very exiting , we had bought TV just the previous year and so watching it live for the first time at home, waking up to the commentary of the cricket match ... India went on to win the B&H World Cup, Ravi Shastri won the Man of the Series and an Audi.

While driving heard this jingle for a restaurant on a Hindi FM channel and burst into laughing " एक बार खाओगे ......... तो बार बार जाओगे " hahahahah

If there was really a God, would he have allowed so many people to commit so many atrocities in his name ?

In the throes of Winter, just when your mind has all but forgotten how summer felt like, Spring arrives.
In the joys of Summer, just when your mind has all but forgotten how miserable winter felt like, Autumn arrives.

Something utterly humorous in a toilet humor sense , while chatting with Sakshi about bank loans, that got us in fits of laughter
11 year old Bob goes to the bank to secure a loan , and walks up to the Manager
Bob “ Hello Manager, I want to take a loan from your bank”
Manager “ Very well Sir, we would be more than happy to offer you a loan, how much you need”
Bob “ May be about 1 lac rupees “
Manager “ Certainly , however we need something from you as security to give you that loan”
Bob” What kind of thing”
Manager “ Any personal thing”
Bob “ Ohh sure no problem, give me 2 mins”
Bob goes into the restroom and after a few minutes steps out with a plastic bag full of poop. Walks over to the Manager, hands him the plastic bag .
Bob “ Here you go,, let me know if you need any more security” hahahahahhahahahhahahahah

I write to express, not impress !
Neither carry any self-illusions; 
for vanity is not my forte !
Its all about self-discovery
'Keep-Walking', my only mantra !

This year World observes the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz . History we were taught at school had just scant reference to the concentration camps, it was only after watching a movie on Doordarshan that I realized the magnitude of this tragedy, the real horrors of the Holocaust . The movie 'Escape from Sobibor' , shown as 5 part series . broadcast at 10 pm . Dad would call me from my room to watch it since he knew of my interest in history. I think the world has not learned any lesson from the past, humans continue to kill each other in the name of religion , caste, race... just like Nazis did over 70 years ago.

Why does not Greece consider selling some of their family heirloom to pay off their debt and start afresh, just like any family in dire straits would do. A few islands in the Aegean , a few relics from their vast treasure of Greek antiquity is all it would take to pay off the debt ! No one can appreciate a work of art on empty stomach anyway !
What is the song that a person exerting a lot of pressure to empty his bowels sing
Let it go, let it go!
Can't hold it back any more.
Let it go, let it go!
Turn away and slam the door.
I don't care what they're going to say.
Let it go, let it go.
I am one with the wind and sky.
You'll never see me cry.
Here I'll stand, and here I'll try.
Let the storm rage on.
Let it go, let it go.

True character is revealed not in grief but in happiness !

Africans of varying nationalities used to be chained and crammed on boats , making perilous journeys over sea, to be traded as slaves by their colonial masters.
It breaks my heart no end that 150 years later, Africans are still having to make those perilous journeys over sea albeit of their own free will, ironically to the shores of those very colonial masters that had enslaved them.
This is history at its most unkind !!

Africa the richest continent on the planet with the poorest people

The most valuable inheritance you can give your children is the ability to Think !

FIFA reeling under the corruption scandals released a press statement yesterday confirming the appointment of a 'high level steering committee' to help it deal with corruption. The committee will recommend specific steps FIFA can take to prevent corruption from being caught or prosecuted. Committee will be jointly headed by Lalu Prasad Yadav and Jayalalitha , A Raja, will be its spokesperson and N Srinivasan , will be invited to provide his views on how to hide conflict of interest the press release said.

Superficiality will end 'human', in the humankind, long before global warming or nuclear armageddon does.

Some people fart so loud, that I wonder if it might get registered on the Richter scale at the local seismic recording station ! hahahahhahaha

When you cant change or influence people, wisest thing to do is to change your expectations from them ! 

Usually get such humour to laugh heartily before falling asleep -
Toilet humor # What song will a person suffering from constipation , finally getting a shit , sing .
कुछ तो हुआ हे ,कुछ हो रहा हे
दो चार दिन से ,लगता हे जैसे 
बदली बदली सी तेरी अदा हे
खुश हो गया हु जो भी मिला हे
कुछ तो हुआ हे ,कुछ हो रहा हे
No doubt the movie is titled " KAL HO NA HO " hahahahahha

Seeing a packet of cake on the dining table, I expressed my displeasure to Sakshi. I " Sakshi, ohh no, not cake again, while I struggle with weight" . Sakshi " I got them for myself". I " But they are so tempting , so I cannot resist , and will gain more weight" .. Sakshi replied tongue-in-cheek " in that case, just toughen up , Dad" 

Religion comes and goes, spirituality lasts forever. For me this is an eloquent image, we live in the scientific technologically advanced 21st century , yet power of blessings, positive energy and good vibes is as relevant today as it has ever been. And I feel this image portrays that beautifully.
( keeping my bib at my home temple to seek divine providence for an injury and accident free run)

Someone asked me exactly what kind of a person are you. I candidly replied "What you see is What you get ' type of a person "!!

Weird world this, people who just merely entertain us , whether by acting, singing or playing a sport become demi-Gods, but people who feed us (farmers), who build our houses (construction workers), who teach us , who safe guard us, have no value . Bizarre world this we inhabit.

Indian cricket's economic might -- 8 Australians slug it out in the super overs match between Delhi and emoticon
No one in India even noticed that English Premier League has very few English players, but after the super over, everyone complained of not seeing any Indian players in action in the IPL 
Out of the 6 cheerleaders none of them are Indian, is this an Indian Premier league or what)

Life is not fair.. get on with it !

We live in a WEIRD world, where people worship celebrities but pay little respect to senior citizens, teachers, social workers, scientists or soldiers.

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