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January 17, 2016

How the IPL was born


For all Indians cricket fans stressed out owing to poor form of our team, be aware that someone else is even more concerned than us - the ICC. In 2007 when India did not progress further,viewership dropped by 80% ditto with advertising revenues. here is my humorous take

24th Nov 2007
It was a late night rendezvous in downtown Dubai,, office bearers from top 10 cricketing nations, got into a huddle in a small non-decrepit pub in a half darkened side alley. If the intention of meeting here was to go unnoticed, the group had largely succeeded. As they ordered the first round of drinks, the tension in the air was palpable. While still rich by any standard, their masters income had reportedly dropped by an alarming 46.7% in the last 6 months. And if this trend continued, not just their masters, but even the office bearers would be shown the door. The objective of their secret meeting was to understand the cause of this reversal of fortune for their masters and try to find a way to stem that. It is quite revealing of human nature when everyone is a group knows the truth but no has the courage to admit it publicly. The cause of all their miseries was an event that had occurred earlier in the year on 23rd March . That day was the Black Friday for the finances of their masters, and If their masters were listed on a stock market, from ‘AAA’ rating their stock would have been downgraded to ‘junk’ status after the events of 23rd March 2007. Such was the trauma inflicted by the events in March of 2007, that many in this group were found to be suffering from Post-Traumatic- Stress Disorder. Back in the pub, everyone just skirted around the subject, not surprisingly everyone saw the elephant in the room, but no one seem to acknowledge it. It was only after several rounds of varying type of spirit was consumed that they finally begun to talk coherently . Someone offered , like a stone and a hard place, we are caught between Sport and our Survival. It was not until the wee hours that the group had their flash of inspiration, launch some event in which , whatever the course of the tournament, the final winner will always be an Indian team. And market this tournament with so much hype that Indians easily forget their team’s disasters, failures in other international events. Thus was the IPL born.
(IPL inaugurated in April 2008, exactly a year after the 2007 world cup debacle)

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