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January 17, 2016

Love unpredicable

Another of a long lost poem, I had written 20 years ago ,, found in one of my old diaries ,could not stop chuckling ..while reading it, thinking 'who did I write this poem for ' hahahahahahah.. But in a funny way, the poem still makes sense .. loved the point about how life's journey can be unpredictable,, full of surprises

On Monday , it all began so well,
She saw me, I saw her
And I knew we had to meet again
On Tuesday, I caught her eye
my dream came true
On Wednesday , I fell in love with her
And she fell in love with me too
On Thursday, the D-day
We came close in an embrace
On Friday, but it all went in vain
She disappeared suddenly, like the Summer rain
On Saturday, it went the same
Hurting me and my heart with pain
On Monday what had begun so well,
But by the Weekend , I was a broken man !

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