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January 17, 2016

Tragedy of a broken heart that too on the day of exam

You know you have learned the lessons of life, when reading a poem , which once brought tears, now bring much laughter. This is one such poem, written on an epic evening of 9th March, way back in the year 1992. Exams & heart break generally go together for most of us , don’t they ?? And maybe the stress of exams brings out the most eloquent poetry is us Based on my experience I have even proposed a Samirian theorem, it states “ when you experience heart break of emotional kind during exams, be prepared to accept a heart break of academic kind during the results” !! Spot on.. aye. hahaha.

Written at an ripe young naive age of 17 .... Reading the poem makes me think, how did I survive from such a heartbreak, but guess what, I did , Heartbreak is good, it makes you resilient, after all to be in love is to live an inspired life. What is the point of falling in love if it does not make you live a more productive and fulfilling life. Those days you wrote such things and generally would be the only one reading it, oh how much I missed Facebook in those days.

So ladies & gentleman, here is presenting for the very first time a poem written 22 years ago on a gloomy hopeless evening of 9th March 1992 at 4:00 pm, a poem that will undoubtedly resonate with each one of you because each one of us has experienced such 4 pm's in our lives and this time I hope you all get the last laugh

Today the day is dark
For my life is overcast,
With everything from
A depressed mind
To a broken heart
I never had imagined that
Life would ever throw me back
In to the darkness alone
So dejected & forlorn
Never had I thought
Though hard as a I fought
I would be so defeated
With my soul filled with shame
What a Life I am living
It’s not living but surviving
But surviving that too for what
Only to suffer with a Broken Heart
Oh my broken heart !

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