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January 22, 2012

Story of the Fisherman !!

We all traverse the ocean of life like that solitary fisherman. Each one of us is that fisherman, the waves, the winds, the currents are the circumstances of our life, the fish we catch,, is the material well being we need to live, boat is our family,our friends, soulmates, our refuge, the oars, the net to catch fish, our tools, And the coastal shore is where we all want to reach - The Shore is called Happiness. Some of us get drowned by the circumstances , some of us forget the purpose of life is to reach the coast and instead just focus on catching more fish. Some of us dont care enough for the baot. And for some inspite of doing it all, never make it to the shore

As the dawn broke out on the Coromandel Coast !!

Endless Churning of the Ocean continued

Just as Sun was about to rise on the horizon it was enveloped by dense dark clouds

It is said that standing by the sea side makes people reflect on life .. it does that to people certainly did that to me !!

Just than I spotted a solitary fisherman ,, far off at Sea .. .. fisherman is close to the horizon ..

Waves get more aggresive by every passing minute.. indicating a incoming storm

Vastness of the ocean ,, makes every men think ... Sun is yet to appear ,, infact the winds pick up even further , and water gets markedly more turbulent. This picture after zooming in from the lens of my camera. makes it seems as if that fisherman is reaching to me thru this picture, trying to tell me something

Clouds look more & more menancing,, and instead of dawn it starts feeling like dusk ..

But the Fisherman keeps going about his business ...undeterred .. with faith

the storm like situation intensified and makes me conerned for the safety of that fisherman after all he is a lone fisherman there is no other boat in sight .. in the vastness of the ocean .. he is all alone

But thankfully the fisherman makes it to the shore safely

to me 'Story of the Fisherman' is like the 'Story of our lives'..... But not everyone makes it to the shore !!


Manaswita said...

One of the most delightful blogs I have read in my life...

Samir Konnur said...

Thanks for your appreciation Manaswita .. so glad to read your comment .. it inspires me to keep walking !!

Mayank Arya said...

Awesome Samir, Its really delightful!

Samir Konnur said...

Thanks for all your cheers Mayank !!