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January 3, 2012

My Life thru Pictures !!

Sleepy start to a long voyage !!! With my very own bagwati !!!

While waiting for the boarding annoucement at Chennai airport on 27th July, 2011, on my way to relocate to United Kingdom .

Promise of a brand new day ...

..."the journey for each of us begins here. we are going to explore the cosmos in a ship of the imagination, unfettered by ordinary limits on speed and size, drawn by the music of cosmic harmonies. it can take us anywhere in space and time. perfect as a snowflake, organic as a DANDELION SEED, it will carry us to worlds of dreams, and worlds of facts. come with me "--- this is how Carl Sagan opens up his epic book on the universe - COSMOS.

From childhood I was intrigued by the DANDELION SEED .... as they would seem to appear from nowhere, aimlessly floating in the air with complete disregard for gravity. However though I never ever saw any Dandelion seed plant anywhere ..UNTILL NOW. , .. Was totally delighted to see it on a evening walk over the weekend !!DANDELION SEED Plant !!! Finally !!!

FIRST , BREAK ALL THE RULES .. in recent times this has become a management cliche,a management fad based on the best selling book.But I already attempted this 20 years ago.. by driving my Dad's scooter without a license, not wearing a helmet, on the wrong side of the road, right in front of the traffic cop. Unfortunately for me the cop had not read this book.

Nonetheless that cop (Bhagabhai Chaganbhai) ws kind enough to give me an artifact (challan dated 13-11-1992) that I have preserved till date -my first reward for BREAKING ALL THE RULES.
(Friends from Baroda might get nostalgic reading the challan)

While standing in the queue for 4-5 hours on several occasion at the Regional Passport Office (RPO) in Hyderabad to follow up on a passport renewal application, I came up with this idea. While everyone is fighting Corruption, I thought of studying it. Just like any other economic activity. Presenting -- analysis of the Bribe market at RPO Hyderabd. First chart shows how the market is split between different officials of varying rank and second chart on right side is by opportunity. It would be interesting to study revenue leakage next -- Revenue leakage for the officials would be in case any work was done in the passport office without a bribe being paid

Ohh Books !!! And how I bemoan your decline ..
Internet hit the first blow on your pride ,
And ebook readers hit the final death knell for your demise
Our Children will never experience the joy of reading a book like we did
Ohh Books !! How I bemoan your decline !! - June -2011

((My books, my companions , earlier were proudly on diplay on a book rack. Unfortunately now lying packed in a storage box at my home in Baroda, not sure when I will be able to see them again)

PS - For someone whose philosophy in life is Keep Walking ,, shoes invariably are an integral part .. !!!

How difficult is it for all of you to LET GO ... .. let go of things, people, places, let go of the past.... well for someone who would make it to the list of TOP 10 people who find it difficult to let go.. this was another sad farewell .. now to my formal shoes or rather boots that I wore to work in US, Hyderabad, Mexico and Chennai ..(inspite of several raised eyebrows ) over last 4 years :-) ...tough boots gave me a kind of firm footing in uncertain times !! But as I embark on yet another voyage, I will have to say them one last goodbye .. I will have to let go !! - July 2011

(Incidentanly gave them to someone who can use it further for several more years to come)