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January 3, 2012

My Life thru Pictures !!

Nature makes the best advertisement !!! No amount of electronic gadgetry can ever beat nature. And so influenced by this shot of sail boats in the Bury Lake I have signed up for a beginner course in Wind Sailing.

My beloved Nokia 2629 passed away recently after a prolonged fight with poor battery & worn-out screen, he beeped his last on Sunday evening, slept off never to wake up. He was 5 years of age. During the course of his 5 year long career he travelled extensively and had clocked over 25,000 ruppees worth of talk time. He would be remebered forever as a loyal friend thru thick & thin, receiving messages that sometimes brought laughter, sometimes smile, and sometimes tears. And sometimes it waited with a deep longing for messages that never came.But such is life - be it humans or a gadget.

My Nokia 2629 ( April 2006 - Feb 2011)

(Disclaimer - This is not meant to offend anyone. It is a satire on humans who get too much in love with gadgets in place of humans. If you find this in poor taste please forgive me, unfortunately this satire is true reflection of our soceity)

I Love my Gini !!! :-) Gini Coefficient that is..

Found this interesting concept to measure the income or wealth inequality. Gini coefficient can range between 0 and 100, low Gini coefficient indicates a more equal distribution, with 0 corresponding to complete equality and 100 corresponding to complete inequality.

and no surprises here .. as per CIO Factbook 2009, India's Gini is between 35 to 39 thanks to a burgeoning middle class.​wiki/Gini_coefficient

All other BRICS countries fare poorly in comparision. (Refer the image) - June 2010

At the University of Chicago,Graham School of General studies, world renowned researchers & intellectuals from diverse disciplines - Psychology, Social Sciences & Philosophy have gathered to discuss about the most extraordinary development in the history of human psychology. For the first time since its publication in 1943, the Theory of Hierarchy of Needs has been proved wrong. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs theory explains the stages of growth of humans (Refer diagram -left triangle). Reseachers are trying to analyze how INDIAN POLITICIANS have completely debunked this theory by showing no higher motivation. At the end of the 3 day seminar after intense delibrations the group issued a seperate MOTIVATION THEORY FOR THE INDIAN POLITICIANS - (Refer the diagram -right triangle)

Several years ago while at Cleveland, had bought my first hiking-trail walking shoes .. at $ 70 I was not entirely sure if such an investment was justified.

4 years later after having hiked for hundred of miles thru --- Sonora desert of Arizona, Chihuahuanan desert of Mexico, Grand Canyon at Nevada, Mohave desert in California, Franklin Mountains and Huevo tanks at Texas, Stone Mountain at Georgia, explored the cities of LA, Vegas, El Paso, Atlanta, Pittsburg, Las Cruces, Phoenix, Houston, Baltimore and on return to India -- Srirangpatnam, Aurovile, numerous forts at Bhongir, Senji, Pavagadh -Champaner, Baroda and now thru the three lakes nature reserve and off the beaten path in London .. all I can say .. though not everything worked out the way I intended in my life, atleast this investment has paid off handsomely !!!

But with all this wear & tear , my shoes are exhausted, tired and drained out ... HOPE I NEVER DO !!!

पूरब से सूर्य उगा फेल्ला उजियारा
जागी हर दिशा दिशा जागा जग सारा

(after a long time felt the strings of my heart playing this tune in the morning) listen to this tune while watching this picture.. it just fills me with the energy of that sun !!! Below is the link to that beautiful melody

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