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July 17, 2009

How I became a 'news Junkie'

Like all stories, this story too starts a long-long time ago..and is influenced - inspired by a women (no prizes for guessing that )

The story begins in the year 1994 - year Star TV introduced cable television to India, as part of their bouquet of channels they offered - Star TV, MTV, BBC, Star Sports.

At 17 years of age my staple diet of Cable used to be Baywatch (when parents were away at work) or Mash, Neighbours, British comedies (otherwise). But one day as destiny would have it, while browsing thru the channels aimlessly I saw her .......

Katy Haswell was her name and she was a News reporter on BBC World !!

... while the generation 'Next' tuned in to MTV to see their fav artists - Madonna, Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul et al, I tuned on BBC News to watch ...... Katy Haswell

Anyone familiar with BBC format would know that 30 mins of news is followed by 30 mins of other programming, did not matter I used to seat right thru those 30 mins... so while the world watched MTV, I became BBC's 'patron in chief '

And so it is that even 15 years later, in whichever time-zone, geographical area I may be residing, I wake up to BBC News (Thanks to broadband internet and streaming video technology)

Subsequently Katy left BBC to host her own show ' The Art Show' on CNN, which I used too I started following... and check the showreel which captures the personality of Katy Haswell ... or check this youtube video of her hosting the art club

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