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July 7, 2009

the Universe !!!

Something in us recognizes the Cosmos as home. We are made of stellar ash. Our origin and evolution have been tied to distant cosmic events. The exploration of the Cosmos is a voyage of self-discovery – Carl Sagan

My fascination with the Universe started while watching “COSMOS” by Carl Sagan on Doordarshan as a kid, but than for decades it lay dormant. Than in 2007 when I was living in Cleveland . Watching hours of programming on the Universe on History channel, reignited that lost interest.

Since than I have spend countless hours reading on the Universe. But yesterday I took a first concrete step towards fulfilling a childhood dream – of exploring the Universe from my own telescope. I bought a 203 mm Dobsonion Reflector telescope from Orion.

The package arrived at the FedEx ground facility in El Paso from where I picked it up. Parked next to my car to give a perspective of the size of the scope.

It would take me all of the coming weekend to assemble its over 20 components. This is how it should look after it is fully assembled Wish me luck as any fault in assembling the scope would render it useless.
Will share the journey of discovery with all of you.

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