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August 2, 2009

Rocks to Blogs ... an incredible evolution in human expression !!

Today we are witnessing an unprecedented explosion in technology-enabled, non-verbal human expressions – twits, posts, blogs, pictures and videos. To me expressing is distinct from communicating the same way that work of literature is different from an instruction manual. First one is driven by human want the later by human need.
So when recently on a hiking tour in the mountains near El Paso , I came across several Rock Art or Pictographs. ( *Rock art is a term in archeology for any man-made markings made on natural stone. They are divided into Petroglyphs - carvings into stone surfaces and Pictographs - rock and cave paintings (*info from wikipedia) ) I was fascinated by the thought that how far mankind has evolved in expressing themselves from "Rocks to the blogs" At this point of time dating the pictograph is still an evolving science and the age of these pictographs is speculated to be between 1500 to 500 years ago.

Although language and various non-verbal means (writing, painting, sculptures) of expression had already advanced significantly in civilizations of antiquity - Mesopotamia, Indus Valley , Greek, Roman, Egyptian,Chinese but those means of expressing came late to the Americas . Indigenous American's did not start using any non-verbal forms of expressing till early part of 10th Century. It might be safe to assume that these pictographs represent the very primitive form of the indigenous human expression in the Americas

This desire of human kind to express themselves has had such a profound impact on making us the imaginative and therefore highly productive society we are today.

In a span of last 1000 years we have evolved from Rocks to blogs .... from bits to bytes .. what about the future, … future non-verbal communication would be in form of thoughts through mind ware .. there wont be any medium of communication but ether or space , through thought transference or telepathy. .. "Rocks to Blogs to Thoughts" … (atleast thats what I think we are headed)

So leave your mark for posterity….go write something… and be a part of this journey of human expression from ‘Rocks to Blogs’ …..

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