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January 20, 2013

Walking the Ramp !!

The only time I got an opportunity to walk the ramp in a fashion show -- ( And that too probably because my elder brother was part of the organizing committee hahahah:-) ) Fashion show was part of the celebrations for our school alumnus - ABHA ( Association of Baroda High School Alumni) 

Year - 1995 -- In the lead up to the event, every evening, all the participants had to come for practice/ rehearsals at our school premises in Baroda, but I was working in Ahmadabad ( @ Voltas) , over 100 kms away. Just 20 years of age, the blood running thru my veins was still that of a rebellious teenager. Come every evening, I used to sneak out of the office early @4:15,to catch the 4:45 pm MEMU train from Ahmedabad, reach Baroda around 7:00, and proceed directly to the school premises for practice. My boss at work was a true Villain, and if I was caught, there could have been serious ramifications, but what the hell, at that young age, our PRIORITIES are always clear :-). So off I went every evening. A few months earlier, I was given a company pager (Motorola), and on a couple of occasion, I did get a panic attack , when it went off after I had boarded the 4:45. :-)
I used to be so naively proud of being given a pager, that even when it was out of signal area in Baroda, used to clip it on my belt, during the practice in the evening. I still get plenty of laughter, thinking about what all the men would do to IMPRESS women :-)

The fashion show was based on Indian classical ragas and the music score was hauntingly beautiful . Needless to say, the fashion show was a thunderous success. It was time for making friends, but like the Greek tragedy that my life is, ABHA disintegrated in couple of years and eventually those friendships I made, led to a plenty of heart-burn years later :-)

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