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October 14, 2012

Traveller's Note --- Strange Land !

Traveller on returning from a trip exploring India,wrote in his journal.

" India is a GREAT civilization from antiquity yet People of this country have remarkably maintained their close relationship with Nature, especially men. To this day, they still follow the custom of marking their boundaries, like the BIG -CATS in the wild, by peeing wherever they like with abandon. Infact as enterprising as the people of this GREAT country are, they have evolved this custom further .. some of the men have strange powers by which they spit some red-venom on every conceivable space to warn others to keep away. India is an truly an ancient land, yet they are still very close to God , cause they build temples everywhere., even is communities where children run naked because their parents cannot afford to clothe them. India is indeed a strange land .. where people Pray in the temples but Pee in the open. I was forewarned that India is civilization in contradiction, but nothing quite prepared me for the sight of a man defecating in the open next to railway tracks while talking to someone on his cell phone.

At the end of my journey I came back enlightened, why they call it  'INCREDIBLE INDIA' " !!!

Note - I write this not to mock anyone but to lament the sad state of affairs of our truly magnificient country. Once it was widely believed that education and economic growth will automatically address this ill. But tragically many Indian men seem to defy all logic and embarrasement.

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