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October 17, 2012

(Humorous) Tales from the Corrupt !!

A short humurous take on the former Telecom Minister, A Raja, who is at the center of multi million dollar 2G scam. After being charged by the CBI , A Rada declared that he will fully cooperate with CBI team to prove himself Innocent .. this is HOW !!!
A Raja saying 'he will fully cooperate with the CBI probe to prove himself innocent" led the CBI sleuths & assembled press thru the back door of his ancestorial home to the servant quarters. Further climbing down the flight of stairs, they reached a poorly-lit cellar. On the darker end was an old rusty Godrej closet, pushing that aside, Raja revealed an entrance to a secret passageway. At the end of the passageway ,there was what looked like a state-of-the-art voice & finger-print recognition enabled security access system. Once the system authenticated Raja's voice and finger-print,a metallic door slid open and they walked into a small steel capsule- 10 ft by 10 ft in size.

Once everyone had entered, Raja pressed some buttons on a console panel inside the chamber, the door closed shut and the capsule descended approximately 50 feet. When it came to a complete halt, Raja yelled "Khulja sim sim ( in Tamil offcourse) and the doors automatically slid open. By now the CBI team was over-excited, each calculating the approximate bonus they would earn on being able to trace the tainted money. Raja led them out of the capsule into a very well kept clandestine chamber lined with scores of cabinets. Like kids in a candy store, the CBI officers jumped over each other to reach & open the cabinets, but soon their joy turned to sorrow when shockingly they found all cabinets empty.

Raja addressing the CBI " Don't you think if I had any black money I would have hidden it here, the fact that all the cabinets are empty, proves I am innocent"