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July 17, 2010

The Story of Genpact..

In the last few weeks I noticed several of my fb friends adding Genpact in their likes. It prompted me to share this letter I had written to Pramod last year while working in Mexico . Its not an exaggeration to state that over 50 % of contacts on my fb list have had their lives transformed for the better because of Genpact. Even though I moved out recently, I still feel 'the Story of Genpact' needs to be be told ...
From: Bhasin, Pramod
Sent: Wednesday, July 15, 2009 5:13 AM
To: Konnur, Samir
Cc: Smith, Lynda
Subject: RE: The Story about Genpact !!

I think this is a great idea—not sure which author could do this but we should find a way to really capture the full start up—and employee stories will be a great way to do it.
Lynda we should really get this done—the employee story part would be terrific—see what you and Jyoti can do .


From: Konnur, Samir
Sent: Monday, July 13, 2009 11:31 PM
To: Bhasin, Pramod
Subject: The Story about Genpact !!

Hi Pramod,

Over the last decade Genpact has grown from a small back-office supporting GE into a 35,000 employee, billion dollar; NYSE listed-Institution operating out of 32 locations in 12 countries across 5 of the 6 inhabited continents. We are the undisputed thought leader, visionary and harbinger of change in the industry that is rapidly expanding in depth, width and geographical reach.

In this epic journey we have not just transformed an industry but lives of millions of people across the world (myself included).

Ours (Genpact’s) is an incredibly inspiring, thought-provoking and equally compelling business story of an organization, its leaders and its people, their shared history & heritage.

Therefore I strongly advocate sanctioning an accomplished business writer to document our story to share with the world. Likes of Thomas Friedman / Fareed Zakaria / Ram Charan / Jack Trout / Michael Lewis etc are the few names that come to my mind.

The book would be in a narrative style describing the evolution of Genpact, from its formative years as GE Capital, to the GE divestment, to acquiring the first Non-GE customer to listing on the NYSE. Since 1990’s most of the NY Times and Business Week best-sellers have been business books that went behind the scenes in capturing the essence of an organization.

Part of the book can be reserved for contribution from our employees across the poles. Their personal stories documenting the influence Genpact had on their lives.

It will help us
•Most of our employees don’t know the true story about Genpact (what went thru the minds of our leaders, how strategies were conceived)
•Great way to market ourselves to prospective customers, investors
•Hiring talent globally

Also our presence on the Internet needs to be overhauled. Our site does not give an impression of the type of dynamic, Go-getter Company we are.

We also need to explore ways of leveraging –Facebook, Twitter, You-tube to build our brand presence further.

Let me know your thoughts and I would be very interested in participating in any of the above initiatives.

Thanks & Regards

Samir Konnur
Assistant Vice President - Doc Man COE
Juarez, Mexico
US Cell # 915 667 1426

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