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February 11, 2008

What Nature Taught Me !!!!

While staying in Cleveland, had an amazing view of several miles of lush green forest !!! As Summer turned into Autumn, the trees displayed different hues of various colors. Slowly as Auturm turned into Winter, the tress shed all their leaves and were covered in a blanket of while snow ..and thats when I left in January of 2008. Someday I will return to Cleveland to photograph the same forest in its summer glory of 'bright green' . Below are the pictures of the same part of the foliage taken during different seasons and the stark contrast they represent .. and what did nature taught me ?

It taught me that if the mighty nature has to live in this cycle of happiness (summer - spring) and misery (autumn -winter) so do we all humans .. life at its very essence is a cycle of summer & winter and each one of us needs to make the most of the summers of our life and 'keep quite' when its winter in our lives , just like nature, with the belief that some day .. summer surely with come !!! And sure enough it does !!!

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