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February 13, 2008

Ode to my daughter (the unborn)

This is a peom that I wrote a decade before Sakshi was born therefore the title --

Ode to my daughter ( the unborn)

Nothing to me would look more fair,
then your smile, your love, your heart, your stare
nor would anything be more pleasent to hear
then your whisper, your song, your cry, your cheer

Nothing ever would give me more surprise
then in my arms, when you open your eyes
nor would anything give me more peace
when I cuddle you and you go to sleep

Nothing would give me more strength
when you grow and alone can life withstand
nor would anything fill my heart with more joy
when you go with your bridegroom and make me cry


satyajeet kadam said...

That was fantastic sameer...i do understand your feeling...have a daughter too...god bless...and good luck

Rohini Navaratna said...

Very Touchy Samir. . .


Priyanka Sawhney said...

beautiful poem Samir...loved are a man of many talents I must say and all this we never came to know when we were in GECIS with you...

Samir Konnur said...

Thanks for all your generous comments.