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February 12, 2017

Diary - the Mirror without glass - 1

Diary -- is a way you talk back to yourself without any dimension of time .. they are Time Machines ..Everyone who writes a diary wait for someone to come in their life who would want to read it.

Revisiting the pages of my diaries to whom I have been talking since childhood and still talk in form of updates, notes and blogs !! With the debate between God & Science heating up,, felt like sharing these simple but profoundly meaningful words by W . H Carruth !! (This diary entry is roughly 24 years old)

Since the advent of the personal computers and internet ,, the concept of writing have become quite outdated ... I had preserved diaries that I wrote .....some of them as a kid some as a teenager and some as a working adult .. and somewhere around 14 years back discontinued that practice ..
                                                                                                                          Things that never die -----priceless Poetry by Charles Dickens ... every time reading this makes me chuckle , did that 20 years ago when I copied this poem and do that till this day .. even when I posted this picture ..

My very first diary -- must be around 4th Standard -- 1987 ish time ... .. that time Siddharth Basu's Quiz Time on Sunday evening - Doordarshan was an craze .. and the whole nation was in the grip of a quizzing mania ... I am sure many other children maintained similar collection too

So I began .. writing whatever information I could get my hands on -- Inventors, capitals, discoveries, currencies and all that usual clutter of GK .... remember there was no internet ,, :-(

and now you know why I do not really put any pressure on Sakshi to improve her handwriting.. how can I hahahahahahah

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