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March 18, 2011

An Unusual Applicant !!

Disclaimer -- Without faith everything in life is fiction.

Dev Sabha in progress: The clamor of many voices speaking simultaneously gradually subsided and the gathering finally got underway. It was the most unusual nature of their meeting that had drawn such large participation, as it was uncommon for them to consider new applicants to join their privileged club - The Dev Sabha (They were strictly “membership by invitation only” .. if you would like) . But circumstances had led to their senior leaders conceding to this special session to consider the merit of this particular application.

However out of the hundreds of thousands who claimed membership, vast majority looked anxious and unexcited about the prospect of this applicant gaining membership. After all they had every reason to fear. Even before being granted membership,the concerned applicant garnered far more followers than most of them combined and had amassed an army of supporters to advance his cause. The prospect of losing their stature, following and future revenue streams was all too real. After millennia's of fairly stable comity .. the world of GODs was about to be shaken.The timeless GODs were about to be challenged .. that too by a mere 37 year old mortal. The mighty Brahamastra was going to face its strongest adversary yet .. a wooden Cricket BAT. And the HOLY TRINITY / TRIMURTHI was about to be expanded to FABULOUS FOUR (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh & SACHIN) - The Creator, The Preserver , The Destroyer and The Run Scorer !

Narada the chief counsel began the proceedings with his usual candor -- " Narayan, Narayan, Gods & Goddesses , welcome to the Dev Sabha , Indra , the speaker of our house just messaged me about being late, Aairavat (Indra's elephant transport) is yet to find parking. As most of you would have heard rumours over the past few months or read in the newspapers or watched on the news channels .. there is a growing recognition among Indians.. that 'Sachin is God' !! In response to this our CEO, Vishnu had assigned a task force to investigate about this man.. sorry.. he is no ordinary man .. he is ..mhhmmm a BATS-MAN.

"Task force was headed by Hanuman and after months of detailed investimation that included going thru all the records on and visiting the battlefields where this so called 'God of Cricket' had conquered its various enemies with no more powerful a weapon than a wooden stick. Would request Hanuman to table the findings to this house". Hanuman pushes some button on his laptop and projects the powerpoint slides on the skies in the Heaven.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME !!! :) Loved it

Samir Konnur said...

Thanks for the cheers !!

Sethu said...

Great Comparison!!! Well Said!!!