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December 22, 2009

Keep Running... celebrating 2 years of running ... Bangalore Midnight Marathon

Boulder City, Nevada - 27th June : I ran in my 5th Half-marathon, this one was aptly titled 'Running with the Devil' marathon. The race was in the Mohave desert starting at noon with about 150-160 runners, to add to the misery of the runners... most of the 21.1 km course had hills... Just 30 mins in my run... the forbidding terrain, the hills, heat and isolation overpowered my mental strength .. and I just gave up.. Though I did finish the 21.1 kms course but it took me over 3.2 hours to do so most of the time walking, as it was not my maiden marathon it left me very disappointed.

Since then I had a burning desire to run a perfect half-marathon to restore my self esteem. Finally that opportunity came last weekend at Bangalore ... running in the Bangalore Midnight Marathon on 12 th Dec, I ran the 21.1 kms in a respectable 2 hrs 18 mins (Though not my career best time but still satisfying)

The occasion also marked second anniversary of my tryst with running... way back in December of 2007, I first dreamt of running in the Mumbai marathon while staying in Cleveland. Picture of the treadmill where I trained for my maiden run. (Took the picture when I visited Cleveland in August 2009)
keep running.... keep dreaming...

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